Skilled Nursing Care

At Homecare Dimensions, we employ the most qualified and dedicated nursing staff from all over Texas – Austin, San Antonio, Georgetown, etc. Certified, reliable and caring, our registered and licensed professional nurses ensure that you or your loved one receive an enhanced healthcare experience at home, every time.

All of our skilled nursing services are offered inside the comfort of your own home, reducing or eliminating the need to stay in a long-term recovery facility. It is our goal to help you achieve and keep your independence, while nursing you gently back to health.

  • Registered Nurse: RN’s assist patients in reaching optimal health based on the patient’s physical, mental, and emotional state and the physician’s prescribed plan of care. The RN assesses the patient’s needs, provides direct hands-on care based on these needs, and reports the outcome of the prescribed treatments and the patient’s response to the  plan of care to the attending doctors. The nurse also coordinates with other professionals involved, such as Physical Therapists, and recommends care that may not be in place. All Homecare Dimensions nurses are board certified and Texas licensed.
  • Licensed Professional Nurse: LPN’s are brought on to cases that do not require the level of care practiced by a RN. Very often, as a patient improves or stabilizes, the RN will continue to monitor the client’s status, but turn over the daily care assessments to a LPN.

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